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Kabbe Holidays – Coorg, lies nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Kabbe Hills, Somakundu and Thadiyandamolu in Kodagu district (Coorg).

Located at a height of over 3800 ft. above sea level, the place offers some of Coorg’s most incredible views.

Kabbe is known for some of the best Toddy (a fresh extract from palm trees), a traditional drink of the locals.

As part of Kabbe’s heritage, the Kudiyas, Kabbe’s tribes, continue to inhabit the place even today. Still preserved in their ways over hundreds of years, the Kudiyas follow every ancient custom and practice. 25 years ago, the Kudiyas lived in the Sholas (Forests) and made a living of tapping toddy and trading the same for rice. They depended on jungle produce and bamboo shoots, wild spinach and other roots and rhizomes for their daily food.

The Kudiyas started migrating to civilization in the last 20-25 years, built their own homes and now grow their own coffee and cardamom.


In the south of the Indian peninsular, located at the conjunction of the two states of Kerala and Karnataka, lies Coorg.

Land of warriors, tigers, a Scotland-like lush scenery and bountiful rains in the monsoon months, Coorg has made a much loved summer getaway for many over the years. The birthplace of the river Cauvery, Coorg is plantation land for some of India’s finest coffee, orange, pepper and cardamom.

Beyond its splendid topography, Coorg has a story of its own - told in the culture of its people and in the preservation of its cultural and ecological sanctity, even in this day of commercial overture.

Coorg is legendary to India, as homeland of one of our strongest warrior communities, the Kodava’s (or Coorgs).

All said, Coorgs are known for their excellent hospitality and warmth and love sharing their world with the world.

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